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Soy Candle Care

[It's your day] only uses 100% natural soy wax, cotton wick, and phthalate-free fragrance oil. Soy wax is a carbon-neutral - cleaner burn than Paraffin based candles. Soy wax is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.  It contains no pesticides or herbicides. Soy wax burns cooler than paraffin wax, therefore increasing your candles' life by burning for longer - up to 50% longer! Soy wax is an excellent choice for those who wish to burn more environmentally friendly candles. These 100% natural soy wax candle can be used around kids, pets, and everybody without any harm to your health and environment!

Five Common Facts about 100% Natural Soy Wax

• Sweating

Soy candle does not use any toxic or carcinogenic chemical in its wax therefore, it is very sensitive with temperature and humidity. When the temperature is hot, condensation may happen on the surface of the wax and that's called "Sweating". It is totally natural and you do not need to wipe off the condensation and can be used normally.

• Wet Spot

The wet spot is where the soy wax has adhered to the jar. It's completely normal and is generally caused by an extreme change in temperature causing expansion and contraction of the soy wax, and this does NOT affect the quality of your candle in ANY WAY.

• Cracking

Rarely, the surface of soy wax may be cracked or not be smooth. This happens because there are no chemical additives added to soy wax and is only made with 100% soy wax and fragrance oil. 

• Frosting

Frosting, which is also referred to as the "Bloom" is a crystal growth of the soybean oils and is a natural characteristic of soy. It is a way a customer can tell their candles are made with 100% pure soy. Frosting can be stopped by adding additives to the candle but as we pride ourselves in creating 100% natural and eco-friendly candles we do NOT use any additives and consider the frosting park of the soy experience. Frosting does NOT affect the performance of your candle in any way; it just adds character to your all-natural candle.

• Tunneling

When using candles, a lot of people experience tunneling. Tunneling is when the wax close to the edge of the jar doesn't melt, and only the center melts. This can be fixed if you keep your candle on until the whole surface of the candle is thoroughly melted. Usually, tunneling doesn't occur and candle melts normally when you keep your candle for 2-3 hours after you light your candle for the first time. The time of use may be different depending on the size of your jar and container. 

****Candles CANNOT be refunded or exchanged due to any of the phenomenons stated above.

These are all-natural phenomenons and have no negative effect on the performance of your candle. 

Instruction on how to use your candle properly

• When lighting a soy candle for the first time, allow the wax to melt evenly, all the way to the sides of the container. Depending on the container size, this should take around 1-3 hours. Failure to do this will often cause "tunneling" which will limit the life of your new soy candle.
• Aim to trim your wick to about 1/4" (6-8mm) before you re-light your candle. 
This will ensure a long-lasting candle, minimize soot, and remove any mushrooming of carbon at the end of the wick.
• Keep a pillar candle on a tray.  Do not leave a burning candle unattended. Pillar, or free-standing candles, should be burned only until the wax pool reaches about 1/4” from the edge of the candle. 
• Keep candles out of reach of children and pets. 

• Make sure to ventilate frequently.

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